Course Fee Refund Policy

Grounds for refunds

The fee paying entity, students or organisations will receive a full refund with no associated administration charges in the following circumstances:

  • The course is cancelled
  • The course is rescheduled to a time when the client is unavailable.
  • A student is not allocated a training position due to maximum participant numbers having already been reached.

A full refund (less administration fee) will apply if a student withdraws before training commences. Clients and students are strongly advised to consider their work and/or personal commitments before enrolling to avoid this situation occurring.

A 50% refund (less administrative fee) applies if clients withdraw for personal reasons beyond their control, after pre-reading materials have been forwarded. Pre-reading material indicates the commencement of training, prior to attendance at face to face training.

Acceptable reasons may include:

  • Illness (verified by a medical certificate)
  • Change of employment hours or location (verified by employer)
  • Other reasons deemed valid at ATT Training Manager’s discretion

No refund will be provided if the student chooses to withdraw prior to completion without evidence of exceptional circumstances or where ATT removes a student for a serious breach of behaviour.

If a client is able to produce evidence of a successful application for RPL in parts of a course where the full fees have been paid, they may apply for a full refund of fees (minus the RPL application fee) for applicable subject/s. The date of withdrawal shall be the date that ATT receives in writing, a request for refund accompanied by the relevant supporting documentation.

For each course, students and clients will be advised of a final deadline for the completion of assessments. If assessment is completed or submitted after this date a late fee will usually apply. This fee will usually be calculated by estimate of: $100 per hour of time required for processing, administering and recording the assessment, and any additional costs incurred including travel, communication and assessment by qualified staff.