Post Graduate Diploma

Human Resource Management

Supply Chain Management

Sales Leadership Management

Compliance Management

The Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management is the key qualification for anyone who is either currently working as an HR professional, or who wishes to pursue a career in this increasingly important management function.

This qualification is suitable for those at the start of a career in human resources (HR) or hoping to enter the HR profession and for line managers.  This diploma will deepen your understanding of HR management and strategy, while building the specialist skills essential for practitioners. You will address business and change management issues and work at a strategic level; and explore issues such as employee relations, employee engagement, learning and development, employee resourcing and talent management.

There is a strong emphasis on practice-based learning, and you will examine international and comparative practice – preparing you for work in the global economy. You will also evaluate the relevance of research and theory in relation to practice improvement.

The key aims of the course include:

  • To develop the capacity to critically evaluate and apply appropriate HR practices and procedures into a variety of work-based settings
  • To develop analytical, strategic and business skills
  • To enhance professional and personal development
  • To develop a range of transferable management skills

This diploma tackles the multiple dimensions of supply chain management and its integration with other main approaches like lean manufacturing, quality management, supplier relationship management and many other related topics. It provides a comprehensive knowledge of the full extent of the entire supply chain and operations management process.

The diploma also provides up-to-date knowledge and practices on operations management and strategic management, as well as the necessary processes and tools to design, manage and develop an effective supply network. It offers direct instructional sessions on basic knowledge in the field, as well as indirect learning though games and analysis of real business cases. This allows for engaged learning and practical hands-on experience.

The key aims of the course include:

  • Learn from academics who have research expertise in areas including supply chain forecasting, scheduling theory and operations management, as well as having worked in sectors such as FMCG and software programming
  • Training in the implementation of specialized, industry standard software for managing and analyzing supply chain processes, including SAP®and Arena®
  • Strong focus on developing your international understanding and methods, arming you with transferable skills and global knowledge that will increase your employ-ability across a diverse range of organizations

This programme aims to provide sales leaders with a comprehensive knowledge of the theory and tools necessary to manage the practical issues involved in driving growth in their organizations. It is designed to expose participants to a broad range of business disciplines that will enable them to drive a strategic sales management function within their company, enhancing both their personal and organizational effectiveness. It also provides an in-depth understanding of the theory and tools needed to drive growth in organizations. You will develop your strategic thinking skills, putting structure and science behind sales force decisions, giving you the tools to identify and leverage sales performance initiatives for delivering company growth. Through this programme of study, you will become better equipped to contribute to the wider strategic development of your organization, thus enabling you to operate more effectively at senior leadership level.

Key outcomes from the course:

  • Be empowered with the tools they require to lead market-leading sales teams
  • Gain exposure to a variety of leadership styles and techniques
  • Drive and motivate their teams to produce greater revenue and maximise performance
  • Set definitive standards and key performance indicators to ensure consistent results
  • Understand the techniques required to manage under performance
  • Implement strategic and long-term approaches to the continued development of their teams

This program is aimed at those who require a more intimate and advanced knowledge and understanding of the relevant compliance involved and the impact of corporate governance on directors and the board. It focuses on directors’ duties and will position the board and the director in the international context.

This post graduate diploma is designed to give Compliance and other control professionals the knowledge and skills they need to implement effective compliance structures and enhance the overall internal governance structures of organizations.

This programme will provide participants with the multi-disciplinary skills to participate more effectively in compliance management and to understand a practical application of compliance best practice.

It is ideal for those who work in a control function within a financial services organization and will be of particular interest to Compliance managers and senior managers together with those aspiring to these roles.

Completion of this course will help you operate at the highest level within your organization:

  • Demonstrate the highest level of specialist knowledge and skills in your field
  • Drive your personal leadership ambitions
  • Develop new ideas, explore cutting-edge best practice and gain a global perspective
  • Become automatically eligible for Fellowship of the International Compliance Association (the highest grade of membership)