Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

ATT recognises AQF and VET qualifications as well as Statements of Attainments issued by any other RTO, and will take this into account when assessing student requirements to complete qualifications, so long as documentation is provided as evidence.  Where relevant credit transfer will be provided.

ACTIVE TRANSITION TRAINING (ATT) provides all students with the opportunity to gain full recognition of their current skills and knowledge no matter how, why, where and when they were gained.

Students are offered Recognition of Prior Learning  (RPL) on enrolment and advised of the process. The ATT process is structured to minimise time for the applicant, and provides adequate information and support to enable applicants to gather reliable evidence to support their claim for recognition of competencies currently held, regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred.

RPL Process

Applicants who consider that they have completed appropriate training or have skills gained through prior learning and experience outlined for the unit of the course may be granted RPL upon presentation of evidence.

The RPL application process identifies what a person has learned from life experience and work experience and measures these experiences against the learning outcomes of the course the student is doing or wants to do.

The assessment will be professionally conducted and will be valid, reliable, flexible and fair. Evidence of prior learning may include:

  • Evidence of current competence
  • Performance, demonstration or skill test
  • Portfolio, logbook, task book, projects or assignment Written presentation
  • Interview
  • Case studies
  • In house training courses

RPL is available for most subject units. The performance criteria of each unit provide the RPL benchmarks.  If there is sufficient evidence in the application and supporting documentation, no further assessment may be necessary. If sufficient evidence is not provided an assessment may be negotiated with the student and may consist of interview, written assignment, exam or other. Assessment conducted by a qualified assessor.