Student Code of Conduct Policy

Welcome to Active Transition Training (ATT). Our aim to make every possible effort for your training environment to be as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.

In order for us to do so, there are some expectations as to how students conduct themselves in the training environment.


Please familiarise yourself with these requirements:

Phones – we ask that during training mobile phones and pagers are turned off or on silent to minimise disruption to the group. If you are required to have your phone on for emergency purposes, please discuss this with your trainer prior to commencement of training.

Discussions – we encourage active discussion in our training groups and as such it is important that everybody has the opportunity to participate. Please respect each other’s opinions and points of view and allow them to speak freely. We expect that all students treat each other with respect during our training.

Punctuality – please arrive 10 minutes earlier than commencement time so that you have time to settle in prior to commencement of training. Late arrivals are very disruptive to the group and can sometimes have a negative impact on others in the group.

Behavior ATT has zero tolerance for behaviour that is in contravention of our values including sexual harassment, bullying, racism and unlawful discrimination of any kind. This behaviour will result in the removal of the offender from all ATT training programs.

Absences – if you are unable to attend training on any given day, please advise ATT immediately, so that the group is not kept waiting for you to arrive.

Assessments – assessments are a part of any qualification or accredited training. Assessments often comprise a mixture of written work, group discussions and activities. In order to be assessed you will need to:

  1. Have all written assessment work handed in on time (as advised by your trainer)
  2. Participate in group discussions
  3. Participate in activities
  4. Discuss with your trainer and special needs/requirements/concerns you have in this regard.

Have Fun! You will get out of your training what you put in.